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Why Choose Under Floor Heating?

Energy Efficiency

Traditional radiators need to be heated to a high temperature to heat a room effectively

UFH runs at much lower temperatures than traditional radiators consuming less energy.

It is an ideal compliment to any renewable heat source.

Ground Source or Air Source Heat pumps are at optimum efficiency when producing low flow temperatures maximising the efficiency of any correctly designed and installed underfloor heating installation.



A radiator moving warm air gives an uneven heat profile. UFH emits heat from the whole floor, giving a much more even heat distribution across the room and doesn't circulate the air, this increases comfort levels and gives 'an invisible heat' and also reduces circulation of airborne dust.

​Warm feet and a cool head gives an overall increased level of comfort. 

Freedom of Design

​UFH gives freedom to put furniture in any position without restriction by radiators on the wall, optimising the available room area and floorspace.

Ease of Use

A correctly installed UFH system requires virtually no maintenance. Programmable thermostats are positioned in each room or zone and, once set up to your own individual requirements, the system can virtually be left to control itself, while you enjoy a constant level of comfort that suits you.

Smart controls enable you to adjust the system wherever there is a Wi-Fi signal should you require more control while away from your property.

Floor Finishes

UFH will always work best with thermally transparent coverings, such as tiles or vinyl finishes, however with a small amount of forward planning and following a few simple rules UFH can be designed to work with virtually all floor coverings including engineered wood and low TOG value carpets.



Installing UFH means you don't need to be concerned about hot surface temperatures or sharp edges of radiators,

this makes it the ideal choice when children, elderly family members or pets are around.

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