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Why Flowing or Liquid Screed ?

Flowing screeds or sometimes referred to as liquid screeds are rapidly becoming the screed of choice especially when used in conjunction with underfloor heating.

Advantages over traditional sand cement semi-dry screeds are:

Thermal Efficiency

Flowing screeds are much more thermally efficient due to their thinner depths and greater density, their fluid nature means the UFH pipes are completely encapsulated giving increased heat transfer.

They also allow for more insulation to be used in any given floor make up further improving efficiency.

Installation Time 

Typically any size domestic property can be screeded in one working day.

Drying Times

Flowing screeds can be foot trafficked within 24-48 hours of being laid depending on ambient temperatures.

They have the capability to be force dried shortening the period between installation and application of floor coverings.

Faster Drying Cement Based Flowing Screeds

New developments in cement based screed technology can reduce drying times even further than standard Anhydrite or Gypsum based screeds

Floor Finish

Flowing screeds produce a perfectly flat and level finished floor, ideal to accept all types of floor finishes with or without underfloor heating.


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