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Our Partners.

We pride ourselves on only using the best products on the market through our supply network of trusted partners.

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We offer underfloor heating solutions for all floor types. We supply pipework, room temperature and water temperature controls. Our materials are complimented by a full planning, design and technical service.


Cemfloor provides the ideal solution for the domestic floor market. Its flowing properties make it easy and fast to install, and yet it is based on Cement and therefore has none of the concerns inherent with other flowing screeds. There are no special measures required before applying adhesives or floor finishes to it..


Longfloor liquid cement screed is perfect for use both in houses and apartments. Thinner sections than traditional screed. Rapid drying. Laitance Free. 


Experts in free flowing, anhydrite (calcium sulphate) screeds. Anhydrite's properties and performance give our screeds unique advantages compared to cement screeds.


Gypsol anhydrite binder creates a pumpable, self-smoothing floor screed. This screed is an economically advantageous and a sustainable alternative to the labour-intensive and traditional sand cement screeds.

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